Johnny Miles Race Weekend

Johnny Miles Race Weekend - 40th anniversary

The Johnny Miles race weekend has always been a popular event every year here in Pictou County and this years event is expected to be the largest one yet, as they celebrate the 4oth year of the original Johnny Miles marathon.

Dr. Johnny Miles Williston founded the original race in 1975 by local physician Dr. Johnny Miles Williston.

Williston named the race after legendary Nova Scotia marathoner Johnny Miles, whom he was named after. The 35th annual marathon and running event, held in 2010 contained over 2000 participating runners and continues to grow in popularity.

This years Johnny Miles race weekend is scheduled for June 20th & 21st and includes the following events:

Free Kids Run Free 5 km Non-Timed Student Challenge Johnny Walk 5 km run 10 km run Half Marathon…
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1889 New Glasgow Map

This historic map of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia created and published in 1889 by Duncan D Currie provides a unique bird's eye panoramic view in an eastward direction from the North side of town.

You will also find small detail sketches of several local landmarks such as the Albion Mine and the Acadia Foundry as well as brief bird's eye sketches of surrounding towns like Stellarton, Westville, Trenton & Antigonish.

You can download a larger full size detailed map version here


"Maps courtesy of the Norman B Leventhal Map Center located at the Boston Public Library"

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Cold temperatures perfect for outdoor rinks

The quick drop in the temperature this week has some people jumping for joy. Proudfoot said that two inches is the ideal thickness for the outdoor rink but it can be opened if an inch and half of solid ice is in place. If the cold temperatures keep up, that means the ice could be open for business by Saturday or Sunday. He said once the ice is up and running, a schedule will be posted on its website, or at the community centre. The canteen will be open and the centre is available for rentals for special events. The public is invited to use the ice free of charge for skating and pick-up hockey events. The West Side’s annual winter carnival will also take place this Jan. 22-24. Events include a children’s dance, public skating, sledding and fireworks. On Jan. 31, the west will meet the north side for the fifth annual Jean MacLeod Proudfoot Memorial Broomball Challenge. “This year is at the north end if they get off their off their butts and get making ice over ther…
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Pictou Couonty Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Pictou County

Tim Hortons restaurant was founded in 1964, and over the years since then Tims has become a well known Canadian icon. The first Tim Hortons restaurants only offered coffee and donuts but over the years they have changed and now  specialize in coffee, fresh baked goods and home-style breakfast and lunch options.

Tim Hortons helps support local communities by sponsoring minor hockey, youth soccer, food drives, free family skates and much more.

Pictou County residents has been fortunate enough to be well represented by Tim Hortons, so your never to far from your next Double Double ...

Information about some of the Pictou County Tim Locations listed below

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Photos of New Glasgow

We recently started a Pinterest board where people can contribute and encourage others to share photos of New Glasgow Nova Scotia. So if you are looking for photos of New Glasgow then you will want to check out our pin board on Pinterest.

Photos of New Glasgow Nova Scotia

The New Glasgow pin board contains scans of photos we have scanned or taken as well as many others that we have come across on the Internet [if you or someone you know have photos that you would like to share, then we would be more then happy to hear from you].

Below is a dynamic sample of some of the latest additions (using an app that updates the photos when more are available), simply click on a thumb nail of any image below and it will open up a new window with a larger image, comments and link to source etc.

If you use Pinterest then consider following Pictou County on Pinterest and help us sh…
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