Slice of Love – Pictou County Pizza

Pictou County pizza is well known all over for its unique brown sauce made up of vegetables herbs and spices.

“It’s can be as addictive as Tim Hortons coffee!”

People have had it shipped all across the country and now Tripp & Giver, have created a tribute song to Pictou County Pizza  called “with “Slice of Love”



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Where to Eat in Pictou County

Pizza from Pictou County RestaurantsTraveling in and around Pictou County and wondering where all the great places to eat or where all the Pictou County Restaurants are, well we have you covered. Pictou County best known for it’s Seafood and Pizza offers a wide variety of restaurants and pubs.

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Pictou County Restaurants

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Pictou Couonty Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Pictou County

Tim Hortons restaurant was founded in 1964, and over the years since then Tims has become a well known Canadian icon. The first Tim Hortons restaurants only offered coffee and donuts but over the years they have changed and now  specialize in coffee, fresh baked goods and home-style breakfast and lunch options.

Tim Hortons helps support local communities by sponsoring minor hockey, youth soccer, food drives, free family skates and much more.

Pictou County residents has been fortunate enough to be well represented by Tim Hortons, so your never to far from your next Double Double

Information about some of the Pictou County Tim Locations listed below