Historic Pictou County Photos

Pictou County established in 1835, has a very rich history and experienced many changes over the years. Unlike modern day where there seems to be a camera around every where you look and digital photos are like a ‘dime a dozen’ ; historical photos are more precious and can help us to better understand what things were like around here back in time.

Recently we found a some boxes of old photos in an old house that we have fixed up into a summer home and bought a few at some yard sales. Therefore decided to create a place on the web where we can preserve and share old photographs of Pictou County that we come across and that what more people can appreciate Pictou County’s rich history.  We dedicated a section of our website for old Pictou County photos as well as started a large Pinterest board where others can contribute.Sobeys Store 1950

So if you are looking for old Pictou County historical photos then you will want to check out our growing collection of old Pictou County photos both here on PictouCounty.net and on Pinterest.

Pictou County Historical Photos

The Pictou County Historical Photos pin board contains scans of historic photos we have scanned, as well as many others that we have come across on the Internet [if you or someone you know have photos that you would like to share, then we would be more then happy to hear from you].

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Above is a dynamic sample of some of the latest additions (using an app that updates the photos when more are available), simply click on a thumb nail of any image below and it will open up a new window with a larger image, comments and link to source etc.

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Images of Pictou County by Ray Strickland

Images of Pictou County - Lobster Boats in Caribou, NS

Images of Pictou County by Ray StricklandImages of Pictou County - Ship Hector, Pictou

Ray, an amateur photographer from Scotsburn, Pictou County enjoys photography and nature, and has created an online photo album, showcasing  some of his favorite images of Pictou County.

Ray originally from Cape Breton but has called Pictou County his home now for more than 40 years (source: NGNews).

You can find Rays Pictou County photographs on his website StricklandImages.com as well as Panoramio and Pinterest

If you have a website or online portfolio of Pictou County photos and want to share them, then let us know and we will feature it on our site for others to discover.