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Cape John - Pictou County

Cape John

Cape John is a rural community that is located along the north side of John Bay. To mariners the Cape is considered to be Pictou County’s western boundary. The Mi’kMaq referred to the area as  “Wenjooteamwakade” meaning the cow pasture.

Millsville - Pictou County


Millsville is a rural area is located near the head of Four Mile Brook. It may have been named after early settlers.

Mountain Road - Pictou County

Mountain Road

Mountain Road is a rural community located south of John Bay close to the boundary between Pictou and Colchester Counties. The name of the area comes from its location along the mountain road or road over the back hills of River John. Settlement began here sometime prior to 1811

Melville - Pictou County


Melville is a small coastal community located on the north of River John on the Northumberland Strait along Nova Scotia Trunk 4.