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Stellarton has a rich history in coal mining and the hometown of Sobey’s, a Canadian Grocery icon.  map of Stellarton Nova Scotia town limits

Stellarton, Nova Scotia

What we now know as Stellarton, was first settled by some families from the Ship Hector in 1774. A few years later coal was discovered and led to the development of the first pit that became known as the MacGregor Seam.

Pictou County coal cartThe War of 1812 increased the demand for coal and the area became known as Coal Mines Station, that was later changed Albion Mines until 1870. The town was then renamed to Stellarton after a type of torbanite known as “stellarite” that sparkles when burned. Coal mining remained the main industry in Stellarton until oil started to replace coal in the 1950’s. These days there is only one active open pit coal mine, operated by Pioneer Coal.

The Museum of Industry  contains hundreds of artifacts related to the Pictou County coal industry era,  of which many came from the former Stellarton Miners’ Museum after it closed. If you have not yet had a chance to see the museum (Maritime’s largest museum) then we highly recommend you check it out, it is rich in Pictou County history associated with coal mining, steel production, manufacturing and ship building. The museum not only deals with industry but allows you to explore and learn about those who invented and the people that made a living here.

Sobeys, Canada’s 2nd largest grocery outlet still maintains it’s headquarters in Stellarton. Their first self serve supermarket opened here in 1949 and now has expanded to include more than 1300 stores in 10 provinces.

The town has a population of about 4,485 (2011 census) and includes an area of about 8.99 km².  Just like most other regions in Nova Scotia, Stellarton has experienced a significant decrease in population since the 1980’s (Stellarton had a population of 5,433 in 1981), but still remains to be one of the top residential areas of Pictou County.

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