Fisher's Grant Topographic Maps and Data

Fisher’s Grant Topographic Maps and Data

Fisher’s Grant Indian Reservation No. 24 in Pictou Landing falls under Canada Lands jurisdiction, therefore both maps, geospatial data and orthophotography area freely available for this area from the Natural Resources Canada website. Find out how to download Fisher’s Grant Topographic Maps and data in a variety of formats …

Pictou County Pirate Maps

Pictou County Pirate Map

Pictou County Pirate Map

Want to create your own pirate themed Pictou County map?

Then try out this fun online web mapping application that takes boring old Google maps and makes it appear like a real Canadian treasure map. Click here fore more details …

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Melberby Beach Provincial Park Little Harbour 3D LIDAR

Melmerby Beach – Little Harbour 3D LIDAR

Melmerby Beach – Little Harbour 3D LIDAR

Below are some images of Pictou County that most people are probably not that familiar with. Researchers from the Applied Geomatics Research Group (AGRG) teamed up with Leading Edge Geomatics from New Brunswick to conduct some inaugural test surveys using new 3D LiDAR sensors recently acquired from a Canada Foundation for Innovation research grant.

“The initial processing of the Little Harbour area including Melberby Beach Provincial Park (northeast of New Glasgow) looks very encouraging where the LiDAR penetrated the water and was able to survey the seabed and provide detailed elevations. These data sets can be used to aid in navigating the channels, used as inputs to hydrodynamic models to understand the tidal currents and flushing rates of the harbour, and map what is on the seabed, for example sand or sea grass, which can provide information on the ecosystem health of the harbour.”

Click here for more details on the Little Harbour area / Melberby Beach survey

Melberby Beach Provincial Park / Little Harbour 3D LiDAR

Pictou County Road Map

Road Map

A road map is a basic thematic map that primarily shows roads and transportation routes for an area rather than natural geographical information like topography. Here we have a basic Pictou County Road Map that highlights the more common community names and roads.